End Of Lease Cleaning In Geelong

end of lease cleaning

Tyka Cleaning Services understands the importance of maintaining a perfect and respectable working environment—it can have a significant impact on your representatives, guests, and general business tasks. That is why we are committed to providing excellent end of lease cleaning in Geelong that is tailored to your specific requirements.


Our guests’ well-being is of the utmost importance to us. Our residential cleaners are hired only after thorough background checks, which include police checks. We are protected by both public liability and workers’ compensation.

Our need is your fulfilment, which implies that if you are not completely satisfied with the standard of end of lease cleaning Geelong you have received, we will return in the future, completely free of charge.

  • You’ll have even more energy to focus on the more important aspects of your life.
  • Your home will always be spotless and satisfying.
  • You can avoid the negative consequences of living in a chaotic environment.

Why Should You Hire Tyka Cleaning Services’ Commercial Cleaners?

When you work with Tyka Cleaning Services for end of lease cleaning Geelong, you can rest assured that your company is safe and secure. Our team will investigate every possibility, and as we work on a customer-driven approach within our work, our business cleaners will consistently outperform everyone’s prospects to outperform your hypotheticals.

 You can participate in a solitary resource, with a consistent group of business cleaners, ensuring that your specific conjurations and musts are conveyed and actioned, like clockwork, through our continuous working relationship.

Aside from general cleaning and upkeep, our business drawing administrations in Geelong and greater Melbourne also include


Our residential cleaners understand the importance of preventing the spread of illness on the job site. All high-contact areas, such as door handles, ledges, telephones, consoles, and mice, will be disinfected by our team.

Garbage removal

We will clean all scrap lockers and dispose of waste in accordance with your company’s preferred practises.

Restroom illustration

All restroom shells, including latrines, cesspools, and glasses, will be cleaned and sanitised.

Floor care

All bottom shells will be vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned.

Among the business drawing administrations we provide are

  • Office design
  • Cleaning in retail
  • Inventive+ paraphrase
  • Drawing at school
  • Childcare illustration
  • Commercial drawing with layers and body

Medical drawing and medical care

Whatever type of business you enjoy or work in, we can assist you in keeping it perfect and respectable. We offer reasonable rates for our business drawing administrations and flexible cleaning calendars to accommodate your hectic schedule.

Tyka cleaning services window drawing

Tyka Cleaning specialises in private residential cleaners, which means your windows and glass will be cleaned by a highly trained team who will use our discerning Ultra-pure framework to give you guaranteed results at an exceptional value!

The previous method of drawing windows with foamy water, a can, and a wiper actually makes the windows dirtier.

This old window drawing trend creates monstrous stripes, leaves a sudsy buildup on the glass that attracts soil, and consumes massive amounts of cleaners and synthetic substances.