Why Reputation Is Important In Piling Solutions?

A strong foundation can hold a stronger structure. If the foundation is not strong enough due to any reason, then there are chances that construction has issues. Especially when it comes to construction on a site with problematic soil. Therefore piles need to be installed to make the construction stronger; piles are used in constructions under below circumstances:

When a building is of heavy load such as road, bridge, water tank of high-rise buildings.

  • When there is a layer of weaker soil on the surface
    Types of piles:
    There are two major types of piling categories:
    • End bearing piles
    • Friction piles
      In the end bearing piles, the lowest end of the pile rest on a rock or a stronger layer of soil. This way the weight of the whole construction is transferred to the lower end of the pile. Whereas the friction pile transfers the load to the soil across the full height of the pile through friction. These piles are mostly of cylindrical in shape.
      What are piles made of?
      There are wooden, steel and concrete piles. As for wooden piles, you need a very strong trunk of a tree. Concrete piles are also available in the market, they are used especially where there are corrosive soil. However steel piles, eg: screw piles are more preferable due to the cost effective and environmental friendly nature. Generally, steel piles are capable of taking heavy loads. No protecting coating is applied to the steel. Therefore the process of installing them is faster than the other types of piles.Piles are installed to carry heavy loads, therefore we must make sure they are strong enough and installation is done in an accepted manner. When the requirement arises for installing screw piles always assign this task to an experienced and well known piling contractor who shares a good reputation and many years of experience. It is also important to ensure that they are licensed and follow the standard guidelines in installing such piles. They help you to give you the right engineering solution in installing the required piles. When choosing such contractors it is a best practice to review testimonials; a professional and reputed company will no doubt hold good reviews. Safety is the fundamental aspect of installing such piles; as such we have to be mindful that safety is not compromised with cheap effort. Experts and experienced professional in this field always adhere to the timelines and delivery the project on time, as they are aware of the consequences.Due to the cost effectiveness and environment friendly aspect, steel made screw piles are a preferred choice. Save the energy and save the environment!